Makers of resin kits of factual spacecraft and launch vehicles.Offering high quality, accurate multimedia kits and conversions.

Sam at Kleman Plaza 2004

Sam on his way to the car

Christmas 2002

Sam enjoying school

Sam with Simon

Corwyn and his first model

Ginny and Corwyn 2004

Ginny with Sam

Walking in the park

Corwyn making browines with Tyron & mom

Lazy afternoon with Simon

Goofing around

Sam as Mars Rover Halloween 2004

Cowyn with Grandpa Sam

Wrestling on Ginny

Okay, we're not sure what this was about

Waiting for the boat at Epcot

A meeting of the minds

Picking out a pumpkin

Corwyn zooms on his scooter

Corwyn riding his bike for the first time

Playing in the water in France (EPCOT)

Sam playing in the water

Glenn in a natural pose


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