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Space Modeler pin

Identify yourself! Many modelers have faced the problem of attending a model convention or contest and not being able to find the people they only know from online newsgroups like the Yahoo! Groups space-modelers ( )So group member Kevin Kilkenny designed a pin to help identify group members at contests. The design shows U.S., Russian and unmanned spacecraft with Space Modelers and the latin phrase Ad Astra Per Formae which roughly translated means To the Stars Through Modeling. Cool Huh?

The original pins were silkscreened, and sold out at the 2005 IPMS National convention. So the pin idea was taken up again by Space In Miniature author Mike Mackowski. Using Kevins original design he modified it for cloisonné pin production. The pin is 1-1/4 inches (31.75mm)in diameter

 Price includes shipping. There are 100 available in this production run so order today!


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